It’s the Pond Post!!!

It’s The Pond Post!

Hello again everyone! Since the last post, nature wise I have just been concentrating on the pond. I put some pictures in the previous post, but I want to talk about it some more, as I’m really excited by it!

When I was digging and weeding the garden a while back, I decided we wanted a pond more than a veggie patch, so carried on digging a hole, ably assisted by Joseph. We dug a rough oval hole out and piled up the mud behind it. At this stage I thought I was going to put a preformed liner in, so just dug a big hole.

There are few things in life more satisfying than digging a big hole. I have always loved digging holes. When I was a kid, I had a little bit of the garden to do with as I pleased, so I started digging a hole. My initial aim was to dig a tunnel to Mortimer’s Hole at Nottingham Castle, which having quickly decided that was near-impossible, was changed to Peterborough, which somehow seemed but more feasible!

First there was a hole…

First Hole

After spending a whole heap of time researching the shapes, sizes and relative costs I decided that I definitely wanted a small preformed liner, which you could get from eBay for about £25 quid. It would be perfect, and had different levels so you could plant it up and put a solar pump in it.

Then I spent the next few weeks almost clicking “buy” on eBay, until sometime later, having watched a few YouTube videos on DIY ponds I totally changed my mind and decided to get a pond liner and some underlay. So that meant we went back to the hole and put some layers in it ourselves, which a graduated escape path for anything that fell in. (I was thinking about Hedgehogs mainly)

Then came a bigger hole…

Bigger Hole under Joseph’s supervision

Then the Trucks came…


So I ordered a 3m*3m pond liner with free underlay from Bradshaws Direct  for £17 including P&P, and it came in  couple of days!

The day it came, Joseph and I went out after work, and took the last of the stones and bits of pottery from the bottom of the pit, lined it with a bag of sand, and put the underlay and liner down.

The the liner went in…

So now we had to fill the pond, and as we wanted it to be a natural as possible, we could not use tap water, because of the amount of chemicals used to purify it for drinking purpose. So we would have to wait for some rain.

First Rain!


The Birds were not patient though, and wanted to try it out as soon as possible!

We now had some water in it, but it wasn’t looking very natural, or wildlife friendly. The black liner needed disguising, and luckily for me, a friend at work (We’ll call him Bob, because that’s his name!) said he had loads of rocks and pebbles that he wanted rid of.

So when all the rock had been delivered, I placed then in a rough fashion all around the pond.

Then we got distracted by a caterpillar…

Sitting in the dining room, we realised we could not actually see the pond through the amount of overground grass and weeds, so on Sunday we tackled the rest of the garden.

In doing so we found a lot of frogs sheltering in the dark and damp corners of the garden and this beautiful caterpillar, which we think is destined to be an Elephant Hawkmoth!

Almost full now…

After I had initially arranged the rocks, Jo (who is hugely more creative and artistic than me) did a much better job, and here is what it now looks like.  It does need a few more rocks (another donation is on it’s way today) and it needs some plants, but it is now pretty much full, and I can officially say it’s teeming with life.  It currently has 1000’s of midge larvae swimming about in it, and it has had a frog in it (albeit very briefly) !

On Sunday night Jo and I were stood under an umbrella watching the pond fill up in the middle of a torrential downpour! That is our current level of obsession in the pond!

This is not by any means a educated “How to…” guide, but it does show that with a little effort and enthusiasm, and a few helpful donations from friends you can create a half-decent wildlife pond for less than £20 all in!

What’s next?

From now on, I’ll keep you updated of the ponds progress. We are going to get some plants to keep it oxygenated, and will keep adding more rocks and pebbles as we get hold of them.

I am reliably informed that all we really have to do now is wait for nature to take it’s course and to quote Kevin Costner “If you build it, they will come.”

Please comment and share if you liked this blog, and feel free to share your pond experiences with me here!

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