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File NameCreated Date 
chunky fox collectin food.mp44/5/2018 4:47:59 AMView
Cat chasing fox off.mp44/5/2018 4:47:58 AMView
Nursing Fox thin tail.mp44/5/2018 4:47:58 AMView
Nursing Fox eating.mp44/5/2018 4:47:57 AMView
fox with pork pie and cat encounter.mp44/5/2018 4:47:56 AMView
Fox collecting food.mp44/5/2018 4:47:56 AMView
fox chunky collecting food.mp44/5/2018 4:47:55 AMView
chunky fox poorly foot.mp44/5/2018 4:47:55 AMView
fox and hedghog.mp47/7/2017 2:57:40 AMView
fox feeding injured foot.mp47/7/2017 2:57:40 AMView
fox eating pork pie.mp47/7/2017 2:57:39 AMView
fox burying.mp47/7/2017 2:57:38 AMView
IMAG0011.mp45/29/2017 9:17:24 AMView
IMAG0010.mp45/29/2017 9:17:04 AMView
IMAG0009.mp45/29/2017 9:16:51 AMView
IMAG0008.mp45/29/2017 9:16:39 AMView
IMAG0007.mp45/29/2017 9:16:27 AMView
IMAG0006.mp45/29/2017 9:16:15 AMView
IMAG0005.mp45/29/2017 9:16:02 AMView
IMAG0004.mp45/29/2017 9:15:49 AMView
IMAG0003.mp45/29/2017 9:15:37 AMView
IMAG0002.mp45/29/2017 9:15:24 AMView
IMAG0001.mp45/29/2017 9:15:11 AMView
IMAG0012.mp45/29/2017 9:14:59 AMView
20170527Fox4.mp45/27/2017 1:09:02 AMView
20170527Fox3.mp45/27/2017 1:08:52 AMView
20170527Fox2.mp45/27/2017 1:08:42 AMView
20170527YoungFox.mp45/27/2017 1:08:32 AMView
20170504_Fox.mp45/4/2017 2:02:17 AMView
20170504_Fox2.mp45/4/2017 2:02:17 AMView
FoxSniffingHedghog.mp44/25/2017 1:47:34 PMView
nervous fox.mp44/21/2017 4:33:12 AMView
fox munching.mp44/21/2017 4:33:11 AMView
fox looking camera takes egg.mp44/21/2017 4:33:11 AMView
big pork pie tries carry something else.mp44/21/2017 4:33:10 AMView
pork pie fox.mp44/21/2017 4:33:09 AMView
foxy having dinner.AVI3/13/2017 9:42:43 AMView
fox taking egg.AVI3/13/2017 9:42:43 AMView
fox having a scratch.AVI3/13/2017 9:42:42 AMView
lovely close up boy fox.mp411/4/2016 8:30:18 AMView
female fox feeding.mp411/4/2016 8:30:17 AMView
female fox weeing bowl.mp410/24/2016 3:51:47 AMView
fox feeding.mp410/24/2016 3:51:46 AMView
female mum fox taking egg.mp410/5/2016 12:34:22 PMView
File NameCreated Date 
Hedgehog After hibernation End March 2018.mp44/5/2018 4:48:22 AMView
little hog.mp47/19/2017 8:09:12 AMView
little hog having wander.mp47/19/2017 8:09:11 AMView
black cat spooky.mp47/19/2017 8:09:10 AMView
big cat and squawking in dark noise.mp47/19/2017 8:09:10 AMView
very fast hog.mp47/19/2017 8:09:09 AMView
my hog running about.mp47/7/2017 2:58:01 AMView
hog scratching long legs.mp47/7/2017 2:58:00 AMView
hog bum.mp47/7/2017 2:57:59 AMView
shaking scratching hog.mp47/7/2017 2:57:58 AMView
2017-07-05d.mp47/5/2017 12:53:59 PMView
2017-07-05c.mp47/5/2017 12:53:55 PMView
2017-07-05b.mp47/5/2017 12:53:52 PMView
2017-07-05a.mp47/5/2017 12:53:49 PMView
IMAG0014.mp45/29/2017 9:17:04 AMView
two hedgehogs in pen.mp45/4/2017 2:02:46 AMView
20170504_Mouse.mp45/4/2017 2:02:45 AMView
20170504_hedgehog2.mp45/4/2017 2:02:44 AMView
20170504_Hedgehog1.mp45/4/2017 2:02:44 AMView
two hedgehogs one some sort of ritual.mp45/4/2017 2:02:43 AMView
TheDonScratching.mp44/25/2017 1:50:40 PMView
RatOrMouse.mp44/25/2017 1:49:13 PMView
StraightToCamera.mp44/21/2017 4:33:49 AMView
HungryHedgehog.mp44/21/2017 4:33:48 AMView
hedgehog around the front.mp44/21/2017 4:33:47 AMView
TheDon.mp44/21/2017 4:33:47 AMView
StraightToCamera2.mp44/21/2017 4:33:46 AMView
hedgehog just woken.mp44/20/2017 6:18:20 AMView
hedgehog wandering to camer 12 Apr.mp44/20/2017 6:18:20 AMView
hedgehog2.mp44/20/2017 6:18:20 AMView
Hedgehog3feet.mp44/20/2017 6:18:20 AMView
lovely footage hedghog house.mp44/20/2017 6:18:20 AMView
mouse feeding.mp44/20/2017 6:18:20 AMView
hedgehog gone to bed.mp44/20/2017 6:18:20 AMView
snuffly feeding hedgehog nice face.mp44/20/2017 6:18:19 AMView
secondhedgehog.mp44/20/2017 6:18:19 AMView
really enjoying his worms.mp44/20/2017 6:18:19 AMView
hedgehog feeding 12 apr 17.mp44/20/2017 6:18:19 AMView
nice footage feeding pen.mp44/20/2017 6:18:18 AMView
mouse stealth having little clean feed.mp44/20/2017 6:18:18 AMView
eating worms.mp44/20/2017 6:18:17 AMView
hedge in cage having scratch.mp44/20/2017 6:18:17 AMView
Hedgehog20170327.mp43/28/2017 3:42:31 AMView
Hedgehog20170327b.mp43/28/2017 3:42:30 AMView
little hedgehog.mp410/5/2016 12:36:24 PMView
File NameCreated Date 
Fox-2018-03-20-009.mp43/20/2018 2:46:18 AMView
Fox-2018-03-20-008.mp43/20/2018 2:46:18 AMView
Fox-2018-03-20-007.mp43/20/2018 2:46:17 AMView
Fox-2018-03-20-006.mp43/20/2018 2:46:16 AMView
Fox-2018-03-20-005.mp43/20/2018 2:46:15 AMView
Fox-2018-03-20-004.mp43/20/2018 2:46:15 AMView
Fox-2018-03-20-003.mp43/20/2018 2:46:14 AMView
Fox-2018-03-20-002.mp43/20/2018 2:46:13 AMView
Fox-2018-03-20-001.mp43/20/2018 2:46:13 AMView
SongThrush.mp43/19/2018 7:58:57 AMView
Mouse.mp43/19/2018 7:58:56 AMView
FOX4.mp43/19/2018 7:58:55 AMView
FOX3.mp43/19/2018 7:58:55 AMView
FOX2.mp43/19/2018 7:58:54 AMView
FOX1.mp43/19/2018 7:58:53 AMView
BADGER.mp43/19/2018 7:58:53 AMView
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